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Helpful Information about Direct Cremations in Brooklyn, NY

Find the information you need about direction cremations in Brooklyn, NY but we cover many areas. As a premier provider of this dignified and inexpensive service, Peter P Dohanich Funeral Service, Inc. is a reputable resource for everything you need to know about cremations. From pricing to additional services we provide, we offer the information you need when arranging this service for a loved one.

Affordable Funeral Services

Below is a list of funeral services included for direct cremations in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island:

$1495 complete funeral charge includes:

  • Removal of remains from any hospital or nursing home in the five boroughs of New York City.
  • Completed necessary paperwork.
  • One Death Certificate.

  • Meeting with the funeral director.
  • Tolls from New York City to New Jersey to the crematory of our choosing to help keep costs low.
  • Gratuities


Additional Services Where Charges Apply:

  • Crematory fee/cremation if it's not the crematory of our choosing.
  • Extra personnel - $125 per man as necessary (i.e. home removal).
  • Witnessing of the cremation without visitation - call for price and restrictions.
  • Extra death certificate charges for New York City - $15 per copy and for New York State - $10 per copy.
  • Next-day FedEx shipping of death certificates - $25.
  • If the crematory is selected by you, additional pricing applies as per that location TBD.
  • Disposition permit fee of $40.
  • Mailing of the cremains by USPS is $50 within the US, except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico where additional charges may apply.
  • New York City charges a correction fee to documents of $40.
  • Corrugated alternative cremation container - ranges from gratis to $100 as per selected crematory charges TBD.

Outside New York City:

  • Greater than 25 miles and up to 50 miles outside of New York City - $795 plus client selections.
  • Greater than 50 miles and up to 75 miles outside of New York City, - $895 plus client selections.
  • Greater than 75 miles outside of New York City - please call for a quote.

Funeral Home Price Includes:

  • Removal and transfer of remains from any hospital or nursing home.
  • Funeral home/funeral director charges.
  • Completed necessary paperwork.


Additional Fees:

  • Crematory fee/cremation If it's not one of our choosing.
  • Death certificates as local fees determined.
  • Extra personnel - $125 per man as necessary.
  • Suffolk County medical examiner fee - $60.
  • Disposition permits/permit fee.
  • Cardboard/corrugated cremation container - gratis to $100 depending on the selected crematory charge.
  • Please inquire with the funeral director for other charges as determined by your location or requests.

Contact us for more information about direct cremations in Brooklyn, New York. We serve clients from throughout New York City, as well as Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties.