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Helpful Information about Direct Burials in Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to our funeral home’s information page for direct burials in Brooklyn, NY but we cover many areas. Peter P Dohanich Funeral Service, Inc. is the premier provider of this inexpensive and dignified service. As professional funeral directors with decades of experience, our goal is to provide the very best service for your loved one at an affordable price. Making funeral arrangements can be difficult; however, we help make the process easy and painless by providing the utmost in respect and honor for your recently passed loved one.

Because our quality control standards are set high, our funeral directors are among the best in the industry. That is why our goal is always to deliver the quality service you deserve. Our funeral directors go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and ensure your loved one receives a dignified burial. At our funeral home, we want you, our valued customer, to be satisfied.

Below is a list of our services included for direct burials in this area: New York City and some areas of New York State, as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Please contact us as to the desired location, with most being covered.

$1900 Funeral Home Charge Includes:

Direct Burial NYC: All 5 Boroughs

  • Removal of remains from any hospital or nursing home in New York City
  • Alternate container/unfinished pressed-wood box
  • Service vehicle to the cemetery (station wagon or van)

Additional Services Where Charges Apply:

  • Extra personnel $125 per man as necessary
  • Witnessing of direct burial without funeral home service
  • Cemetery charges — purchase, opening, and closing of plot
  • Vault or grave-liner If applicable
  • Clergy charges
  • Hearse/ limousine
  • Greater than 25 miles beyond NYC limits additional charges for service vehicle/$3.50 per mile
  • Death certificate charges for NYC $15 per copy/NYS $10 per copy
  • Next day FedEx of death certificates $25
  • Disposition permits/NYC permit fee $40
  • NYC charges a correction fee to documents of $40
  • Any direct burial outside NYC (5 boroughs) — please call our funeral director for pricing